UX Design

An overview of my UX Design skills and methods.

User Research

Relying on assumptions about your users can prove costly. Understanding their needs and goals determines what improvements can be made or what approach to take when starting out on a new project.

UX Design | Wireframing

Wireframing and Prototyping

Wireframes are the bones of a website or app. Before committing to considered design choices they provide clear blueprints that determine the layout. Prototypes simulate the intended behaviour and state changes of any interactive elements and demonstrate key user journeys.

UI Design

Beautiful and bespoke user-centred design that creates a delightful User Experience for your website or app.

User Testing

User testing highlights any usability issues and can be done efficiently at key stages of a project using sketches, wireframes, interactive prototypes and on the final design as part of a cycle of constant iteration and improvement.

Audits and Usability Reviews

By thoroughly auditing your website or app, I can flag any potential pain points for your users and highlight the usability issues that require addressing. An extensive review focuses on everything from navigation to key user journeys and goal conversion.